My work deals with the disruption of language and symbols that occur between segments of the self, as they exist in confined spaces. The characters in these paintings are figures of alterity -- cyborgs, monsters, limbs, joints, pieces of fat, flesh, bones and, sometimes, just paint: brushstrokes, palette knife lumps, and globs of dried acrylic. These testimonial marks hold their own against the developed forms that also exist within the frame.

These creatures are born out of the apparent space of disconnect between bodily innards and exterior views of the self: the corporeal experience and the intellectual one. Bodies move through the world, unrecognized and lacking familiarity, in spaces that are rarely of comfort. Language tries to make sense of the self by categorizing that which is identifiable, pairing it down to nameable chunks. It is here that chaos arises as segments gossip with both their surroundings and one another. Joints, muscles, cuts of flesh and fat feel fine, while other parts hang and drudge on, and some leap and bound. Communicating as a cohesive body might be desired, but is destined to continuously fail.